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Hot Young Lady's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Hot Young Lady's LiveJournal:

Monday, November 5th, 2001
11:56 pm
i lose track
sometimes of what is important. i remember all of the parties that i have been to, the beds i have slept in, and the things i have done for shear sake of experience to truly know myself as a human being, and where does it get me? it gets me exactly where i needed to be, right now, and i am so happy i don't regret a thing.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Friday, October 19th, 2001
8:01 pm
my life
It seems that I have not written in awhile. Been busy living the ultimate life, I guess. Anyway, this is my free sex diary, so my plan all along has been to bring you tales of my erotic adventures, and let you know what is going on.

Right now I am seeing Mark, a guy named Ted, and an older gentleman named Chris (not their real names). Mark is my serious, love, boyfriend (I guess), and Ted is 25 and in the Air Force, so we see each other when he is able to. Chris spoils me rotten, and we fuck, and I play his cute little princess. I am a chubby, delicate, beautiful girl who just can't get enough of ALL types of sex.

So, Ted and I fucked last night. He made me wear a pair of thigh high stockings, which showed off my freshly trimmed pussy because I was wearing no panties. He had me dust his house, bending over as he followed me around, giving me spankings, and orders. Finally, he made me get to my knees, where I took his HUGE (9") cock into my mouth and let him fuck my mouth. Men love the way that I give head, because of the way I suck, lick, and blow, as well as the way I can make my mouth a pussy. Just in and out fucking my face men LOVE it.

So I took him in my ass and pussy last night for hours, and today I am walking funny. Mark made me suck him off this morning too, so my jaw is sore.
Monday, July 30th, 2001
10:10 pm
If He Finds Out He Will Kill Me!!!
I have been dating a guy named, well, Mark (not his real name) for almost six months. He thinks that I am cool, and we hang out all the time. He knows that I do the stripping thing at bacholer parties and he is ok with that. He says it turns him on to know that all these guys are paying to watch me take off my clothes. He also says he thinks it is a turn on that I come home only to him. Well, he and I have a much more open relationship then he will ever know about. I am young. I had sex for the first time at fourteen, with my boyfriend at the time. I didn't like sex at first, it was painful, and all he did was jab it in me a few times and roll off. That was not a great sign to me. But when I was sixteen, I met a guy who was then thirty-two and married, and I found out that men could really make the difference between a girl liking sex, and not liking it.

I didn't care that he was twice my age. I was mature for my age. I was able to get into older clubs. I have always looked a little bit older, since I am tall. I have big tits, too, which was a good sign since I would usually show them off when I went out, and bouncers would guide me right in. Well Jacob (the older married guy) would take me to strip clubs in SF and show me off. I liked and told him I was nineteen anyway, but you could tell he totally thought me being younger was hot. He had married this older woman ten years before, and he realized that her tired old pussy was not what he wanted anymore, and I was ripe for learning everything he had to teach me.

I realized I LOVE sex the second time he and I fucked. The first time was after we met with him and a bunch of my girlfriends at this bar, and he and I drank too much and danced and by last call we were in his car and he was fumbling with my shirt and he bluntly told me to take my panties off. I was scared, since he was older, and up until then I had only had sex a few times, and like I said, it sucked. So I willingly dropped my drawers and he pulled out this GIGANTIC COCK! I had never seen anything like it. I later figured out that it must have been about nine inches in length and it was SO THICK around. He pushed my head down into his crotch and made me suck him off, then he yanked me over and I sat right now on it. I was dry, so it hurt quite a bit, but as he lifted me up and down off of it I started to get wetter and finally he was totally about ready to cum because he told me to move, and he started to work himself off and sprayed his cum in my face. I didn't have that much fun that time, and I ended up being too sore to walk for about a week because it was really too big.

He told me later on that I had the tightest pussy he had ever fucked, and that he would do anything to get in my pants again. This time he invited me over when his wife was away. It was strange being amongst her things, and we didn't end up in the bedroom, but he took me out back to the pool. He said we should skinny dip but I was scared. I wasabout 5'8" but I weigh about 170, which means I have a pretty huge ass, and big tits (36DD) and I have no stereotypical model body. But he was insistant, and I took off my clothes. I was naked, wading around in the pool. he came up from behind me and pushed me towards the edge of the pool, and he had me lean up against the edge while he worked a finger into my pussy. Even though it was hard in the pool, he wedged two in and started finger banging me (one of my favorite things, I know now!) He opened my pussy up wide and he eased his cock in, pulling me back. It was so hard and it was so deep inside my pussy I was whimpering with pain. He reached around and cupped one of my bouncing tits in his hand, and started whispering dirty things in my ears "you little cunt, I bet you like getting that slutty pussy fucked, don't you?" and telling me he wanted to "fuck my ass because it would be way tighter then my nasty pussy." It was then that I came all over his cock. I realized then that I LOVED it when guys talked dirty to me. He and I fucked off and on for a year, much of which I may go into here eventually, but this seems like a good place to start.

My favorites:
Oral Sex
Anal Sex
Public Places
Phone Sex
Three Ways

I have never tried:
Group Sex (beyond four)
Double Penetration

Older Men (30-50)
Men That Like Bigger Gals!
10:02 pm
Sex never gets better then this . . .
I turned 21 in April, and I made a bet with a friend of mine (Caroline) that I could sleep with more guys then she could before we each turned 21. She turned 21 April 14 of this year, two weeks after I did, and boy did we give each other a run for our money. We started in October of last year, and each of us racked up a whopping 29!!! But, since she had the two week mark on me, she also bagged an extra three guys the weekend before her birthday, which makes her the winner, even if by default (although if you discount the guys that we both slept with, or the couple of times that we were both there together, then we really all come out better in the end!)

So welcome to my journal. I am a sex maniac. Some people would call me a slut, but it is not like I go around seeking out sex every minute with just about any guy. I like to have fun, and the guys I sleep with are attractive, have good jobs, and almost always come back for more! I try not to have one night stands (I have had over 100 since I was fourteen and that seemed like a good place to stop). So I usually am either friends with the guys I fuck, am dating them, or I know them in some way. There have been a few times when I have gotten myself into trouble, dating my friend's dad and a couple of married/taken guys. I also dated my boss at work for over a year, and he was married, but I had the most fun with him!

So this journal is for me to talk about those exploits and what is happening in my life. Feel free to leave notes. I am not some porn star, but I do strip sometimes for extra cash. I don't do phone sex and I DO NOT CYBER WITH STRANGERS! This is for the exhibitionist in me. Look for me to have a cam installed in my bedroom soon, so you can watch in on some of the action. That will be free TOO! Fuck these stupid online sex services, you would much rather have the real deal.

Oh, and yeah, that is a picture of your's truly's happy little pussy up there in the corner. The one you get to hear about getting fucked all the time. Enjoy!!!
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